Monday, March 26, 2012

3 days running

19 miles in those 3 days! WOW!

Saturday was probably one of the best runs I have ever been on in my life!!!

I got up at 5 am. Seems to be my favorite time of day anymore. I almost didn't need the alarm to get me out of bed. I checked the temps and got my outfit picked. I added my windbreaker, just because it is SUPER BRIGHT yellow. I took it off before we started because I knew I'd only have to shed it later. I was worried at first that I would not know anyone but Trista when I got there. I knew her and a couple of the guys. A couple ladies introduced themselves also. It was a great morning.

We all gathered for a pic before we started. That is something Doug likes to do. He then went over the various routes people would be running. Ours was easy! We met up at Washington Park and headed down to 8th along Maine. We went down 8th to RJ Peters and took Harrison all the way out to 48th. We stayed on 48th to Maine, with a water stop at State. While on this stretch I heard the strangest noise. It is really hard to describe. Very eery. It was close to 7 by then I think, and and I could see, but I could not figure out where the noise was coming from for a long time! Then I finally looked up. I'm guessing it was how the wind was pushing through and past the wires that made that unique noise. I really wish I would have thought to record it. I was freaked for a bit, especially with that road being so skinny and the cars traveling past us at 45+ mph. Anyway... We got to Maine and headed back "home" to finish the 10.

I had to keep telling Trista to slow down, or she wasn't going to be with me. I had a set pace in mind of 9min/mile. I was determined to run it. With me reigning in Trista we did exactly that! 1:31:01 for a 9:01 pace. I have never felt so proud of myself. I set a goal and HIT IT ON THE HEAD!!! I mean WOW!

Since I missed my normal group run, I decided to at least go visit them before they started and I had to head home. So glad I did!

Sunday couldn't have been better either!

Which is odd, considering I woke up feeling like crud.We had gone out the night before to see a live band. They play great 80's music. I only had 2 drinks as I don't drink much anymore. However, before the night even started I felt my throat get sore. We got home before midnight and I got up at 8:30 Sunday. That is the latest I have slept in for quite some time. It really felt odd. My mom had stayed over after watching the kids for us and had coffee and shortbread girl scout cookies ready. She is awesome! I really felt miserable though.

OK, back to Sunday... I had a cup of coffee and half a sleeve of GS cookies. I was playing on FB and Twitter when I saw a pic posted by "Coach Nicole" of All it said was RUN. It was a scenic shot. That was all I needed. I got up, got dressed, and got outside. My plan was to go 4 miles and get home. Things ended up different. I started "RunKeeper" on my phone. I had programmed a 4 mile easy run with coaching. I guess I forgot that I added a 5 min warm up and cool down. I went a half mile in each of those chunks. It made my run a total of 5 miles. However, my pace was just right for the day. Slow and easy. Slower, in fact, than my long run. Which is how I think it was supposed to be. I was happy with it anyway.

This morning... Monday... 5am again!

Now I am sure people think that I am crazy! I got up at 5 again today to run. I figured if I got up and got it done I would be able to save my vaca time for when I really need to take time off. So far, it has been a good idea. Except that right now I feel like I should go home on sick time. The YUCK of the past few days had not gone away. I struggled to start this morning, but could not NOT run. I was up and it was great outside. Not perfect because it was very humid, but still great. I got all of my safety equipment on headed to the door. This time I just used "RunKeeper" to log my run instead of having it coach me. I went my planned route. Oh, here's where it gets funny... I went to the website and looked at my run. I could see that by the map and my memory, I ran faster when I was somewhat scared of where I was. There were a couple places the app tracked me at a sub-7 min mile. That pace didn't last long for sure, but it was there! One of those times was along Bredeweg. There are no lights along that street. The Vet's home has light, and the intersection of 5th and Bredeweg has a light. No lights in between. I went out there and back super fast! I slowed again when I felt better in the light of the Vet's home an had to catch my breath.

Goodness! I never knew I could run that fast!

Now, more than ever I want to run just one mile and have someone else time me, so I don't have to worry about that part of it, and see just how fast I an lay one down. :)

~Happy Running!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I forgot to mention...

How much I missed and LOVE my Foam Roller! If you have never tried using one, please do so now! I mean now! My blog will be here when you get back! :)

I went out again today for a 5am run. It was great! I went up to 24th and back on Locust, sticking to the better lit areas. This was a slightly longer route than yesterday. I got started and was just a touch chilly. That's what I get for running in shorts and a sports bra with just a reflective vest on top right? Wee, I must say it was just about perfect! The vest is obnoxious, but safe, so I wore it. I even remembered my head lamp today. I really did get hot, and started sweating. I have to find a better hat or sweatband... The sweat was dripping into my eyes. THEN... it started to sprinkle a bit, for the last 1.2 miles. It was like running through a mist. It sure helped cool me down and man, did I need that!

I am back to simply loving a run! More on the foam roller: I love that thing! I got back to the house yesterday and today and the first thing I did after getting a drink was to get out the roller and use it on all of my leg muscles that have been giving me issues, and some that weren't. Basically my whole leg got rolled. MAN, I need to keep one with me at all times to get a good roll wherever I happen to be when I am done running. I stretched after and feel great! Well, all except for my right knee and ankle.

I hit a raised section of road and my leg did not move correctly. It didn't hurt at the time, but I knew it felt wrong. As the day had progressed, my leg had been acting up. I used my TENS unit on it, and have iced it. I will rest, elevate and ice it more once I am home for the night.Tomorrow will be more rest, as Friday's always are.

Saturday will be another tough day for me. I will be running with Trista again (YAY!), and we always seem to go full throttle. I am going to attempt to get my tracks going to get me at the desired pace. That's the plan at this point. I may have it in just one ear, so I can still hear and talk with her and whoever else is in the group. I don't want to go under a 9min mile, so wish me luck!

~Happy Running!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5am runs are amazing!!

I woke up this morning and headed out on what I used to call my Recover Run to be used on Sundays. Since I have bumped up my Sunday mileage, this is now just a fun 5k!

Ok, first off .. the amazing thing is that I got up at 5 am!

At this point in the year, it is still dark out at that time. I had my phone and my RoadID on me. I only forgot my headlamp, and I won't make that mistake again. It was a wonderful run!

I headed out from my house as usual, then went up to 12th and headed up to the Vet's home main entrance. I wen thru the grounds and loved the peace and quiet. I did kind of get freaked out once I got to the other end of campus and headed out on Bredeweg Road. It isn't lit. At.All. Freaky! I think that helped my time though! I hurried to get back to the campus where there are street lights! I am not sure though, if I slowed down after that. It didn't matter though, everything felt perfect. My breathing matched my footfalls. It was so quiet, the birds were still sleeping. I retraced my earlier footsteps and returned to a sleeping household.

I made it back in 25:42. That is the best time I have ever had, to date for a 5k. Really proud of myself for that, especially with backing off for the long runs and trying to actually run easy when I am supposed to. Progress is felt, more than shown.

OH! Here's a quote I found in my email today. It fit perfectly!

~A perfect run has nothing to do with distance. It's when your stride feels comfortable. You're on your toes trying to push it. Suddenly you realize you can open it up a bit more. You know you're at one with yourself and the environment. You're a little more alive than before you started.

Sean Astin, actor

I made the decision to run again tomorrow morning. I think this time I am just going to run up Locust to 24th and back. Keep a straight line and in the light. Safety first, you know.

~Happy Running!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adjusted Schedule!

I'm going to give this new schedule a couple of weeks and see how it goes. So far, I like it :), but it is only Tuesday. I am going to run Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, take off Tuesday, then run Wednesday and Thursday, then take Friday off and start over again. This may be ok. I hope it is. I am already ok with the thought that I may need to tweak it further, and possibly drop a day. There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into training. I am learning as I go, and have the best support system available to me.

I had a great run to music on Sunday. I originally planned to run to music again on Monday. I could not get a good path mapped from JWCC. I decided to plan one starting and finishing closer to me next destination; the Kroc Center. I still toyed with the notion of running to music. My route took me through the downtown areas of Quincy. I know we are not a busy metropolis as some runners contend with, however, I declined the music. I was running close to noon, the time when all of Quincy goes to lunch! Well, a lot of it anyway. I was in an area that had a lot of traffic. Boy, I should have listened to music!

I got started and in the first 5 minutes I had a great pace going of 9:26 per mile. I noticed at the second reminder that my speed had picked up a bit. After 20 minutes I was at an 8:59, still not bad! Ok, so the next time I hear it talk to me I was up to an 8:04 per. DANGNABBIT! I couldn't get myself to slow down! I'm not sure how long that pace kept up. I did have to stop for traffic no less than 6 times on this run and STILL finished at and 8:45 average! I am not going to beat myself up about it any longer.

I may be fine running like that on easy days. I mean, my whole run wasn't at top speed. I even had to stop a few times. I know I started slow and am pretty sure I ended slow, due mostly to the HILL I wound up on. (I do love a good hill though)

Today I would normally run, but am ever so thankful to be on a rest day. After my run yesterday, I went to the gym for a Body Flow class. Today I feel it. I'm not so flow-y right now. More like a bit spastic! :) I do love trying new things and would love to get that class worked into my schedule. Or if that doesn't work, i may use the Yoga DVD from the P90x collection. I think it will help my running to have a stronger core. I think I did pretty good at getting the moves right even though it was my first time at it. It's good to have friends that instruct these kinds of things!

I can't wait for tomorrow though! I get to go out for SPEED! I plan to jog slowly off campus, then let the jets kick in down Harrison, then slow down for the turn-around and kick it again! The final bit back on campus will be my cool down. I just have to remind myself not to kick it in once I get to the hill at the end :) Who know, I may extend that run a bit too, since I need to add a better warm up and cool down to it.

~Happy Running!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous!

That's just how i feel!

The added rest day combined with a couple of slow runs has put a smile back on my face!

Yesterday we went for 9 as a group. I decided that I needed to run slower than usual. My friend Barb always comes in behind me, so I picked her to run with. What a great decision! I did kinda mess up and leave her in the first half, but I waited for her at the aid station and finished with her. We ran for 1:33:05 for a pace of 10:15 or something like that. It was a beautiful day to be out. It was a great day of great conversation. I actually had problems running that slow. I had to think about it every step. It was worth it though. That really was a day of training for me. I learned so much about running!

Today was awesome too! I did run a faster pace than yesterday, but still slower than my normal. I went 4 miles in 37:24 which gives a 9:21 per mile pace. Very nice for an easy run. I think this is what I am going to shoot for next Saturday also. I was directed to and LOVE that website! I can find songs that I like and are the right bpm for my pace! I have been looking for something like that forever! It was the key to running the right pace today. One great part of that site is that you can copy the created playlist to Spotify. I just recently got introduced to that one as well. I really dig that they work so well together. My gear is improving and all I had to do was download a program to my phone! I have a few that work well, and this one is just the icing!

I cannot stress how beautiful today was! The weather was AWESOME! I looked at the forecast and saw what the temps were for this afternoon and knew that it would be too hot to enjoy it as much. Can you believe it is the middle of March and I had to run early in the day to avoid the heat? This is amazing weather! I am sure that tomorrow will be a HOT run, but I am prepared (almost) to run in just a sports bra and running skirt. I will have to see how I feel tomorrow. I am fighting with "feeling fat" and have to deal with that mental issue at some point.

So, my plan at this point is to go ahead and run tomorrow and take Tuesday off. I am going to run back to back Wednesday and Thursday, if I feel up to it. Then rest again on Friday for my next long run on Saturday.

~Happy Running!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Unscheduled Rest Day

I am taking today off. I am continuing to rest.

I have been doing a lot of thinking these past few days. I am pretty sure I messed myself up by NOT resting on Monday like I should have. I mean, really. I went 8 miles on Saturday. That was my long run and I averaged an 8:25 pace. Then I raced Sunday. Averaged 8:02 for that. What did I do Monday??? Yup. I went back out for a run and averaged too close to my top speed.

I have been running all of these runs at the same speed. This is really not good.

I stopped using music during my runs, but now wonder if that would be an effective tool for controlling my pace. Another option my husband came up with is to run on a treadmill. He says that since it gets dialed in, my pace would for sure be controlled. I don't really like the treadmill, but it may be a solution. I asked if I could get one set up outside :)

So, I am resting today. It works though, because my oldest boy has a concert tonight. I will sit in the Auditorium and not be sweaty. He will be happy about that. My athletic appearance sometimes makes him uncomfortable. He is 14 after all.

OH!!! I almost forgot to mention! Both of my boys are interested in running! We went for a walk last night ans Zachary kept taking off. When we were almost home, I'd say 3 blocks out, he actually did take of at a sprint. I was worried about him crossing the block at home, since it is just about the start of the highway. Cars speed there all the time. Anyway, he loved it! He was feeling the bubbly that I get, I could tell. A runner recognizes that high! He thought it was great, and had no idea he could move that fast. We do need to work on his form a little as he hunches over a bit. He even sounded interested in the possibility of signing up for track next year. (If they still do that in this high school)

Ian wanted to run too, but I wouldn't let him go until we crossed the busy street. He only got to run a half a block, but he liked it too! He wants to run more. I am going to encourage this!

I had both boys stretch out after we all met up at the house. Zachary complained of feeling "something" in his upper legs. I figured it would be best to teach him how to stretch. We went through a good 5 minutes of them. It looks like I will be buying shoes for them soon :) It will be wonderful to get out from time to time with my boys. I'm sure that for a while they will be slow. I need that!

Now, if only my parks would open up early!

~Happy Running!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It was on the schedule

Yup, that's why I ran today. Wasn't really feeling it. I kept looking at my chart. It called for 3 miles. I ran 3.18 in 27:44, and that includes time waiting for traffic.

It was nice being out in the warm sunshine though. I need to get used to the heat. I also may have to get over my skin issues and get out there in a sports bra and shorts. Bare the belly and cool off better. Time to go shopping for new seasonal clothing.

I am going to research ways to control my pace. I do not seem to know how to run anything but one speed. It is frustrating me.

I do not want to burn out or injure myself through over-use. I am sore in so many places right now I want to cry. I iced and am now elevating. I am resting. I am taking tomorrow to continue resting and may even skip Thursday if this feeling continues.

How do you run slow?

Off topic maybe... It is 79 in my house and I am freezing and have no appetite

~Happy Running!

So many questions!

SO, I ran pretty fast on Sunday during the race... Faster than I though I could go! I decided to take it easy on my Monday run. Make it a recovery run because my muscled needed it. Well...

I took off work as I usually do and got ready to run. I started at South Park and did a nice 4.15 loop through the park and residential area. I really felt that I was just going at a slow easy pace. I was aiming for 8:45 to 9 per mile. It turned out that I went 4.15 miles in 34:55, giving me a pace of 8:25.

I do not understand it. I think I need someone to teach me to run slow. :) I did feel like I was taking it easy, so i guess that is ok, right? An easy run is supposed to feel easy. I didn't even kick it going up the hills yesterday, like I usually do. 8:25 is also fairly close to what my pace was for the 8-miler last Saturday.

As I run, I try to get my footfalls to coincide with my inhalations and exhalations. I was aiming for a pattern of slow intake and 3 strikes, and the same for exhale. That worked for a little while. It ended up falling back to my standard pattern of two and two. I did manage to get it back to threes for a bit, but it went back to twos. I have no idea what I am doing... All I can ever say for certain is that I love being out there.

I am going to try again today to run slower. Just for giggles, even though today is "scheduled" to be a tempo day. I honestly do think I need someone to teach me to run slow. It may help in the long run (HA! punny) to be able to run at a much slower pace from time to time.

~Happy Running!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Anniversary Race: Kelly's Fun Run/Walk

Last year this is what it said for my standings [Sarah Malaney 61:40]

{the run is listed as 4, but runs 4.1}

Last year at this time, I was almost down to my goal weight. I thought I was in pretty good shape too... I mean, I kinda was. I was doing cardio 5 days a week. I was doing A LOT of Zumba!! That is a sure fire workout that burns a lot of calories. It wasn't running though. I wanted to get into running. My friend Jeannie talked  me into doing the Kelly's fun run/walk with her last year. OH MAN, it was 30 degrees out. I was not prepared for that kind of weather. Also, I couldn't run much more than a block or two before I was winded and had to walk. Jeannie was right there with me! We ran as much as we could and walked the rest of the way.

This year it will say [Sarah Malaney 32:56]

I can't believe what a difference a year makes. 

I caught the running bug with that race, and trained on my own to run the Bridge the Gap 5k in May.  I was also working through my father's illness and eventual death. It was a very hard time for me. I managed to take 3rd in my division in that race. It was my first serious competitive effort. I was still doing Zumba at that time, as I needed to remain with the "family" I had there. (I'm not sure if that can be followed... it goes with the times though, all jumbled together)

Running became my escape. My time. My way to refocus and get out all of the horrible thoughts going through my head. My method of regaining composure and self control. I can't say it is cheaper than therapy (I have lots of running gear!), but it sure is a healthy way to deal with issues.


This year I have been training for the 1/2 Marathon. I think it is really helping my "Short runs."

 I had a goal today. It was to cut my time almost in half. I pretty much did that. I couldn't be happier! I went from not being able to run 2 blocks to running 8 miles (and gearing up for 13.1)! In one year! I went out there today with the thought of just finishing in 34. Just getting in the miles. 34 minutes would still be almost cutting last years time in half too. I know I told people that was even my goal time. Today was no different than what happens to me on Tuesday and Thursday runs. I just let my body dictate what it wanted to do. Today it wanted to be fast! 8:02 per may not be fast for everyone, but it sure is for me! I didn't run that fast in high school, and definitely not as far. I only did short track with the 800 my longest race. I was able to converse with people along the way. I am still amazed at that. Maybe that means I COULD have pushed myself a little harder, who knows. All I can say for sure is that I KNEW I was not going to catch the woman who passed me unless I had enough reserves to really kick it hard. I may have been able to, if it wasn't for the HILL that is at the finish. Man. We both hard a hard time there. I could tell she was feeling it too. She was 6 seconds ahead of me. I could not catch her. Gives me another goal :)

I came in 3rd in my age division. The group was 30-39. 28th overall to come in. I can't wait to see the final results online. Until then, enjoy this pic of me as I was getting ready to head out the door. OH! and this other one, of my buddy Trista and me with the bagpiper!!

~Happy Running!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

8 miles!!!

Well, ok, it may have just been 7.8, but close enough for me. There was a discrepancy between what the route showed and what the GPS watches said. I was running with guys that had Garmins on. (I really want one of them!)

Here is what MapMyRun gave for a summary today: 8.08 miles; 1:07:30; 8:21min/mi Ave Pace; 803 cal burn. I think I ran the course as mapped out online, but like I said, the GPS was telling a different story.

Start at gas station entrance of Hyvee, go to north entrance of south park, run through long loop of south park and exit at east entrance of south park, turn right onto to 12th street and continue onto cherry lane, turn left onto wilmar dr, turn left at Harrison st then turn right onto 20th st, turnaround at 20th and grove ave.

That is the course description from the map online as well. It is what I did... Oh well. Like I said, I need a Garmin! :)

Anyway, the run itself was AMAZING! We were asked to run faster (or at least make it look different) as we passed cemeteries and on Harrison. That was a total of 6 speed ups. I did my absolute best. I think the only one I didn't do, was the first because I forgot and was concerned with crossing the street safely! I stayed with some of the same people as usual, which makes sense, I guess, as we seem to have the same pace. I think it is easier for them than it is me, but I keep telling myself that I am still new! 

The course today was really relatively flat, minus South Park. But, hey, that's my park! I got it mastered! I really do love the hills there! :) Everyone in the group is AMAZING! I really wish I could get my schedule so that I can run with some of them more often. I think there is a group that runs Tuesday nights. I need to get hooked up with them and get out with them. 

I made the decision today that I WILL run a full marathon. It may not be this year, but I can only hope for it to be next year! 

I got done today and was feeling the best I have in a long time. The physical run, the emotions, the people. It all came together in me to center me and give me such a sense of peace and balance. 

I have some thinking to do about some things that occurred to me while I was on that long run. I love it!

~Happy Running! 

{edited to add pics!}

Why do my feet look so close together?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost 2 weeks! OOPS!

OK, I know I said I would do better. It has been almost two weeks since I last wrote. I have yet to make it a habit to sit down and journal my running. I really am working on that. ( I am! )

I have gone on 9 runs since the 25th of February. Overall, my time seems to be improving. I am really happy about that. Well, on the short runs anyway. I have been having a lot of fun on the long runs and going fairly slow on them as a result. Not that that is a bad thing :)

I want to share with you some thoughts I had post-run. They are copied here from my training log:

This was from 2-27-12, a 4 mile run, making repeated loops around South Park
It was 36 degrees outside and Sunny. It felt easy, except for the uphills in SP. went the "hard way" this time. following the flow of traffic. no traffic, but that direction. HARD hill, but kept pace pretty well.

9:40 first lap 1.13miles

19:20 second lap 2.26
28:32 third lap 3.39
34:46 for the last .6

if my memory is accurate. I feel good about that this time.

 This was from 2-28-12, an almost 3 mile run after work
It was 56 degrees outside, windy and raining. running in the rain is so very rewarding. I couldn't stop smiling!  Note: I was running uphill, against the wind, in the rain. <3

(The log shows 2.97 in 23:34. It was really 2.85 in that time giving me an 8:16 per mile, not the 7:57 it shows. Still, 8:16! WOW! I can really get moving on a flat surface!)
The next run was the same course as the 28th and I got it done a whole minute slower. Still an 8:37 per, so I really can't complain. it was 57 and sunny. I remember trying to run slow just to be out in the beautiful weather longer. It didn't work! I sure felt great though.

Saturday again!
7.09 miles in 1:04:59. It was 34° F, Overcast, and Windy. Fun run. Stayed with Susan for the first half. Had to get moving to keep going up that hill on Neiders. LOVE hills! 

I mean that! I really do love hills! I feel as though I have to push, and push hard, or I will start walking. I don't really want to do that. It was great for me that Susan understood my desire to just get going. She told me to move on without her. We'd meet up again at the end. I can say for sure that I ran a negative split that day.

After the run, I went to the Home and Living Show. We walked for a long time through all the vendor booths. I am not sure how I stayed awake for Church!

This was my anniversary. At first I wasn't sure I would run. My hubby and I went out for breakfast. It was something I asked him for, since we rarely get to do that alone together. We had a great time. Then we went shopping for a bit. He decided that he was still going to go to the gym as he does on Sunday. No problem for me. I went home to sit with my mom and the kids. Here was my Facebook status: Shawn is at the gym. Mom is watching a weird alien bug movie. I am going to nap! :-) Then this afternoon, I will get my run done. May be at the gym myself today. I ended up NOT at the gym, but back in South Park. It Felt great! I've got South Park nailed! As I got done, it started snowing. I was very tempted to run another lap, just to run in the snow. It was beautiful. I did promise myself though, that I was going to stick as close as humanly possible to the training chart and not cause overuse injuries again.  I got in the car and went home :)

Monday's thought:
I love running! Even more so when I go fast! Even more more when I get to talk to a great friend WHILE running fast! :-)  

Ran what amounted to an 8:12 per mile for 4.15 miles. All I can say is, I hope I got the distance right. I took advantage of a relatively flat finish to just get up and GO! Trista is great too, she understands that I need to do that from time to time. She can usually do it with me, but this time she just coasted on in. Again, this run had hills. I love hills! I just get going a bit faster as I move up them, then keep (as well as I can) that pace on the level and manage to relax that way. I don't feel like I have to slow down again.

I just may be doing something right...

I got my BROOKS PureFlow shoes in the mail!!! They were waiting for me when I got home!!!

Tuesday was windy!:
I got to "break in" my new shoes!
3:30pm: 73° F Wind: From SSW 29 mph
Just recorded what may be my best 5k EVER! 3.18 miles in 26:16!!!!! Wind? What wind? Hell yeah!

Question: DO new shoes make you faster? Well, maybe yes. Maybe no. It doesn't matter what you think, as I had one of the greatest runs ever! The wind was gusting 35-40 mph. I ran so that it was at coming at my side, not heading directly in it or with it. I think that helped as a resistance workout too, as I had to maintain my line in the road. It was AWESOME! I am starting to feel I can conquer any weather.

Well, I have been doing all this training... I should make it official and sign up for the BTG Half, shouldn't I? While I'm at it, I may just sign up for the Hannibal Cannibal, too!  

HAHA! and I did! both of them! ;)

Shaved off 12 seconds!!! How?!?!?!! 3.18 in 26:04!!!
OK, this one has me stumped! 12 seconds! I am still trying to figure it out. It was 76, Sunny, and Windy Tuesday. Thursday was 46, Sunny, with a MILD wind. WOW! What is happening to me? I really hope this is measured properly too! I get sad when I find out later that my mileage is off, and my runs aren't as impressive as they look. I never feel bad for running them though. I feel at my best while I am out there.
I have a lot of analyzing to do. I wish I could get a personal coach, then I could get really good feedback, not just me looking at numbers until they all blur together. I then take that blur and do research :) Sometimes what I think is backed up by what I find, other times I find information that helps me see how I have been looking at things isn't quite right. Another thing I wish I had was a diet coach. I know I could be eating better. There are days, like Wednesday, that I am sure I ate 3000+ calories. I don't like those days, but I am not sure how to eat properly any more! Oh well... another topic to research!

~Happy Running!