Monday, July 16, 2012

So much has happened!

It has been almost 2 weeks since I last purged my thoughts here. I have been very busy!

I actually tried to run a couple of times! Didn't feel too bad either. Until after... UGH! 2 miles on the 11th and 2 more on the 14th. I gotta say, I have to wait a bit before I try that again. Not exactly happy about that, but I guess I have to deal with it. ;)

On a positive note: I have started a 12-week fitness program. It involves Cardio with a LOT of lifting! I am having a blast! Yesterday was the last day of week 2. I have done every exercise I was scheduled to do, except for yesterday. I decided to get on my bike and ride instead. I was supposed to do a Full Body lifting routing at the Y, but with the way by ankle felt after Saturday's run, I decided to take it easy.

I went almost 20 miles! WOW! That was the MOST fabulous ride EVER! I haven't been out on a bicycle in YEARS! Literally! I can't remember the last time I was on a bike.

So, in the past two weeks, I have started lifting, and revamped my whole cardio routine. That "plan" I posted a while ago...? Yeah, Gone... I am 100% ok with that. If there is one thing I am good at it is Changing to keep going forward. So what if I had a stress fracture? I was able to get out and ride my bike for 1 hours 20 minutes AND walk it a mile uphill back to my house. I can adapt to anything.

My thoughts got derailed...

OK! So I tried running. The swelling is not what I need, so I just have to wait longer for that. I am still bummed about not being able to run, but cycling is a great sport too! I think my doc was hoping that I would have better results with the running. I see that the stupid Achilles is still not happy and that I am fighting bursitis as well. This seems to be a common problem for me. It was a knee and an elbow at other times in my life. I am willing to bet it will keep happening to me as the years go by. I just need to learn to control it better and get the areas stronger around the weak links. In comes the weightlifting. I love it. Oh Boy Do I!?!

All in all, I am still recovering from a very big injury. I may still be in recovery for a month or more. I am okay with the thought. I do miss runner, but as a runner, I know I will get back to it. Meanwhile, I will keep myself occupied with all the other fun, fitness activities I can find.

OH YES! I am going to attempt Zumba again! I miss my Zumba family! I miss my Saturday morning running buddies too, but I will eventually find my way back!

~Happy Running, Cycling, Swimming, and Lifting!~

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goal Failed. New Hope!!!

Totally failed on getting even 100 miles in on the spinner. I'm okay with that. Really. I am. My foot hasn't felt this good in a LONG TIME! I am very happy about that. As you know, I need my foot to heal in order to get back to running. This is a good thing we have here!

I am still looking to start the P90X on September 1st. My 34th birthday. I am hit and miss on the core work and upper body stuff, but I am changing that now. It is time to redo my chart and get in the groove. I am going to find out what lower body work I can do that won't hurt my healing. Squats may finally be okay again. I know I have lost a lot of tone in my lower body. It will take some time to get it back, but I am going to do it.

I am not currently setting any specific fitness goal. I know that is bad. But the goal right now is just to get my foot back to 100%. I figure it will be October before I can actually run again. In the meantime, I plan to get a release to hop on my bike and get some road miles in. that poor thing has been waiting on me since April!

I've been playing phone tag with the Doc since Friday... I hope I get to talk to him today.


Doc finally called me at quarter to 7 last night. That man must be very busy! He is ok with me being out of the boot. I assured him I have been doing the stretches for my heel. I am to keep up with the elliptical, bike and everything. He said "With a stress fracture like this, it is best to sprint before you run and run before you walk". WOW! I don't quite feel ready for that yet, but it appears I will be back to running sooner than I thought.

So for the time being, I will just keep chugging away. Tuesday and Thursday will be the days I attempt the elliptical. Monday and Wednesday on the bike. Maybe I can actually get outside soon. I should be ok, but I forgot to ask about that. I think it will be ok to try just because my foot is feeling good, and I will NOT be slamming my foot down in any case when I stop.

Fridays I will still try to at least play in the backyard pool and do my itty-bitty short laps. It is still something. I am going to admit here publicly (or to the few who read it) that I am still scared to go to the Y pool. The deep end makes me nervous. I know I should get over that, but, well... Yeah...

Saturday I am heading to Hannibal for the Cannibal. Doc said to be sure to use cardio machines this week to get myself ready for that effort. OK! He did say something about jogging. I am not going to push that though, until AFTER the Cannibal at least.

Man! The urge to run is all kinds of fired up in me again!

~Happy Running, Cycling, Swimming, and Lifting!~